BUSINESS COACHING is a hand held commitment to building your photography business. I’ll teach you how to highlight your strengths and overcome any weak areas of your business. We’ll define specific objectives and create a real plan for your success.

Projects to include:

  • Portfolio & Website Review, Branding, Vendor Relations, Interacting with Clients during photo shoots and Client Consultations, Networking, Shooting Techniques, Getting Published in Magazines and Blogs, Album Design and Sales, Posing, Lighting, Workflow, Pricing Strategy and more.

Pro Photographer for over 25 years, Melissa Musgrove is well known, respected, and regarded as the top of her profession, in the events community of Santa Barbara.

ONE ON ONE WORKSHOPS Over the years I’m consistently asked for advice from photographers starting their business, as well as photographers that have been in the business a long time, and want to know the secret of my staying current and passionate. I have always been happy to give advice. I’m a teacher at heart. I’ve learned there is an accountability to the advice when a person is invested. You are more likely to put to use the tools I give to create a successful business for yourself if you pay for the education. There is great value in an education from someone who has long term experience as well as currently in the business in which you are seeking advice.

In my studio and on location. Hourly, half day, full day and more, depending on your topic of interest. I’ll explain and show you in easy terms, with hands on. Walk away with a strong foundation and confidence in your newly acquired skills.

  1. Lighting ~ Studio strobes, On camera and off Camera lighting techniques. Learn how to light your subject in the most flattering way possible. Learn how to see light. Understand how shadows can make or break the impact of your image.
  2. Posing ~ Individuals, couples, family, group. Simple techniques to get it right every time. Fast and easy.
  3. Boudoir ~ How to talk to a woman to make her feel confident and beautiful in front of your lens. Coupled with posing, lighting, and photoshop techniques for body, skin, teeth and eyes.
  4. Maternity ~ Make her feel comfortable and beautiful. Posing, lighting and photoshop.
  5. Newborn ~ Create a safe, warm environment. Posing, lighting, props for safety and comfort.
  6. Engagement ~ Learn how to consult and create a session that is unique and personalized to your clients. On location posing, lighting and talking skills.
  7. High School Senior ~ On location, age appropriate posing.
  8. Wedding Consultation ~ From the initial inquiry to your sit down with a client, follow up and booking.
  9. Portfolio/Web Review ~ Together we’ll critique and edit your portfolio so that you can start to attract the kind of work you are passionate about doing.
  10. Question and Answer ~ I’ll be your open book. Make a list of photography business questions and I’ll answer them honestly and effectively. How to be a great photo assistant/second shooter. How to handle a customer complaint whether its your fault or not. How to get vendors to tell their clients about you, without asking them to refer you. How to turn a mistake into an opportunity. How to get published in magazines and blogs.

One on one workshops allow me to work with your level of skill. In a private, nonjudgemental, patient way, I’ll give you the tools you need to be a successful photographer for the long run. These classes are a great way to learn what you don’t know, and also great for renewing your desire and inspiration as a photographic artist. 

Classes available Tuesday through Thursday. All inquiries for my workshops and classes are confidential. Invest in your business today. Time is money. You can save yourself both, by skipping the “school of hard knocks”, and getting useful info you can start using right away.

100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Hourly Rates, Day Rates and Monthly Rates.
  • On Location or in my Studio.
  • Call for pricing. Pricing will vary depending on the type of coaching session, location, models and props.