Maternity & Newborn Rates

Maternity and Newborn Info and Rates:

In Studio Session Fees:

Pregnancy Session  $350.00 (On location starting at $500.)

Newborn Mini Session  $350.00  An hour session all about Baby, and baby with parents, no props.

Newborn Session In Studio $500.  On location $750.

Toddler Session    In Studio $175. On location $250.

Child Mini Session In Studio   $75.00  These sessions are perfect for kids aged 1 to 3 years of age. They have short attention spans and this is a short session. Sessions available Tuesdays through Thursdays 10 am until 2 pm.

Gift Certificates make wonderful shower gifts.  Ask how to add us to your baby registry.

Please call 805-563-5050 for more info.

“My style captures the heartwarming innocence of new beginnings.

Sit back and relax in the studio, while I capture the beauty of your newborn.”

Session:     The best time for newborn photography is between 5-10 days old. I want to photograph your new baby why he/she still has their newborn “curl” or womblike behavior. Newborns are best photographed sleeping, so we make sure to schedule plenty of time, in case you need to feed, diaper or rock your baby to sleep.

Schedule:    Whenever possible, schedule your newborn session during your pregnancy. We will put your expected due date on our calendar. We realize babies have a schedule of their own, so we leave some open times around your date. When your baby is born, please give us a call to finalize the day and time for your photo session.

If you’re baby has already arrived, give us a call anyway and we’ll do our best to schedule a time as soon as possible.

What to bring:     We want to make this a wonderful, easy experience for you. For that reason, we have props, baby blankets, and wraps. All you need to bring is the baby, and anything for babies comfort~ binky, diaper change and food. (You or formula.)

You are welcome to bring your own props, blankets, outfits, or something that has family significance. But please don’t feel you have to.

Session Fee Includes:     The session fee includes our time and talent for approximately 1-3 hours of custom styled photography. As well as the editing of each image to prepare for online viewing and print. I also create an “Artist Choice” image which includes quite a bit more time in processing to create a one of a kind image.

Print sized digital negatives and photographic prints may be purchased separately, they are not included in session fee.


Digital File Pricing     We are happy to offer you web and print resolution digital files. We know it’s fun to share your photos on the internet, as well as print from your digital printer.  However, we are in the business of creating prime quality heirloom photography. Our quality is our reputation, and it is for that reason we do not sell digital files for prints larger than 8×10. We know there is a huge difference in quality from the professional labs we use and the consumer grade labs that offer prints at a discount. We hope you understand it is for your benefit, as well as our reputation, that we insist on making your prints that are larger than 8×10.  Thank you.

 Each digital file at print resolution, up to 8×10 is $60.00 each.

 Complete set of web sized digital files downloaded to your computer $25.00     Free download with print purchase of $200.00 or more.

Complete set of print sized digital files for print up to 8×10 is $250.00     DVD of print resolution digital files free with print purchase of $500.00 or more. (not including session fee)

Knowing our expenses to create and maintain our quality, we believe we are providing great value for our clients with our pricing. However, we understand that for some families we may be out of your budget range. We want every Mother and family to have beautiful images of their loved ones. So we have portrait specials throughout the year. Please call to be added to our email list if you would like to be included in those special offers.