Father & Daughter Dance ~ Montecito Country Club

“She’s the end of the rainbow, my pot of gold, she’s Daddy’s little girl to have and to hold…”

This blog post started out to be about another gorgeous wedding I photographed at the Montecito Country club that was picked up by a wedding blog this week. Whenever a wedding blog publishes one of my weddings, I like to blog about it too. Kiley and Cody’s wedding has so many gorgeous, vivid details, I couldn’t wait to post about it. However…, as I was enjoying reliving their wedding and pulling beautiful photos of them and their fabulous event, I was distracted by the images of Kiley and her Dad dancing. One might not consider this “artsy”, or creative, but it sure does make me feel something. Moves me to tears actually. These are the moments that I assure you will be worth every penny you paid for your wedding photography. Your photographs will gain value as time goes on. If not already, someday, they will be priceless.

This was only a few minutes from the whole day. To see more, including the beautiful design by Kaitlin of LaFete Weddings. Incredible florals by Laura Sangas of Cody Floral Design and more, click on StyleUnveiled.