style me pretty doesn’t like me.


That’s not true. They don’t know me, but that’s how it felt. Kind of like the kid at school that never gets picked for a team. Fortunately, when I was a kid I didn’t suffer that fate. I was good at sports, and my classmates liked me. I’m good at what I do, and I’m competitive by nature, so when I would take the time and effort to submit a wedding for publication on Style Me Pretty, only to receive notice that it wasn’t selected for publication, I was bummed, and miffed.

I was submitting beautiful, elegant, Santa Barbara weddings. With lots of stunning, swoon worthy details.

It takes time to submit to wedding blogs. With the effort it takes, it’s a wonderful feeling to get the email notice that it’s going to be published. It’s fun to let the couple know they’ve created a wedding celebration that keeps on giving through inspiration. It feels great to let the vendor team know that all their hard work will be shared for other couples to enjoy.

I continued to submit weddings and boudoir photos to Style Me Pretty. I had one or two published on their blog in their early years. So naturally I kept on submitting. After all, Style Me Pretty is, well, pretty! Wedding professionals are delighted and excited to be published on their popular wedding blog.

A few years ago I had sent a gorgeous styled shoot of a very colorful Moroccan rehearsal dinner that I photographed for NLC Productions on the Canary Rooftop in Santa Barbara. I received notice from SMP that is was not accepted for publication. I couldn’t believe it. It was exquisite! What the heck? Moments after I received the disheartening news, I received a personalized email from SMP that said she just had to reach out to let me know how much she personally loved the shoot but it wasn’t going to be published because it didn’t match their blog style.

With that message came the “aha” moment that set me free. I immediately went to their site and started to really look at it.  Their wedding style is very consistent and they don’t stray from it. Which makes for beautiful galleries, and inspiration boards.

If they were to publish my weddings on their site, they would stand out. My style doesn’t fit in. My style is different from the photographers they choose. That’s not a bad thing. It’s a “different” thing.

Hmmm…, Fit in, or stand out? Thank you SMP. I sincerely appreciate the lesson. I love your blog. It’s really pretty, but it doesn’t match my brand.

Who would have ever thought my classic wedding photography would be outside the box? I have to say, it feels good to not “fit in”, or in other words, ( words that I prefer) it feels good to “stand out”.

By the way, when I was a kid and it was my choice, I always picked the kid that rarely got chosen, and I didn’t make her wait until last.

Melissa Musgrove