pregnancy photos ~ santa barbara


It’s hard to imagine a more connected time you have with your body, mind, heart and soul than when you are carrying a child. The thought that a baby is growing inside you is incredible. Your love is overwhelming. Your emotions can be too. Many women want to document this milestone in their lives with a pregnancy photo session. From the phone calls I receive I’ve begun to think there are more women that would like to have a maternity portrait session, but they don’t know where to begin. Or they feel shy about their belly being exposed. If this sounds like you, please give me a call. I don’t expect you to know the process or the choices. I’ll ask you some questions, and from your answers I’ll be able to create an environment that suits your expectations in a comfortable and safe way. Whether fully clothed or belly exposed. Whether in my studio, using our props and clothing, or on location, like this one at Bacara Resort and the beach at sunset. Being pregnant is beautiful. Celebrate this time in your life with a pregnancy portrait session.

Melissa Musgrove