Heirloom Quality Classic Wedding Albums

Heirloom Quality Classic Wedding Albums | Melissa Musgrove Photography | Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer

I wish someone would invent the “scratch and sniff” computer. More and more, couples are booking my photography services online. I’m complimented by that, but I wish there was a way they could reach into their computer screens and feel the fine fabrics between their fingertips. If only you could touch the natural grain and smell the rich fragrance of the Queensberry’s superior leather quality.

It’s my desire to create an heirloom book for my couples. A treasured book that will stand the test of time over generations. We tried to zoom in on some of the elements that create an outstanding album. Hand cut matting to frame the photographs. A protective spray to keep photographs from fingerprints and fading. We offer glove or rough grained leathers as well as fine silks for album covers. Your names can be embossed, or inlay a photograph on your cover design. Speaking of design, we custom design each of the albums. No templates, which means yours is one of a kind. Once we’ve designed your album layout, I email to you for your approval before we have your album custom hand made.

I invite to come over and see, touch and smell these gorgeous books. The photos above are just a hint of all the elegant choices available.

Let me know your preference and I’ll have a glass of wine, tea, or coffee waiting for you too!

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