Melissa Musgrove Photography

I met my husband in a small town bar. He is an artist. Mom never advised me about artists. The only advice I was given was to “marry a rich man”. And, “if you don’t, at least marry a handy man.”

I think artist might be a few rungs below handyman, but being the lucky girl I am, he turned out to not only be talented, he is handy too.

I asked him to marry me on our second date. Before you think I was desperate or some kind of nut, I have to tell you he made me dinner in his art studio. Not just any dinner, his Italian Grandmother’s fettucine alfredo. I was raised on the classic steak and potatoes (applesauce on the side). I was dazzled. Can you blame a girl?

Six months later we married. We’ve been married ever since. He thinks I’m a goddess. Seriously. He’s mistaken of course, but I’m not going to correct him.

Fast forward to the present. We have the two best children in the world. (That’s my take on it anyway)  Ian and Dana. They are young adults but will always be my babies. They are both artists too. (Sorry kids, genetics are a force of nature)

The handsome dog you see up top is my dog SHREK. At any given time I have between 1 and 3 dogs. I foster dogs for the County Shelter while I try to find them homes.  I didn’t intend to be crazy dog lady, but somehow… 

 There are a few things in life I find hard to resist and have decided, “why fight it”? Stray animals. Laughing out loud to tears. Coconut cake from Jane restaurant. Red wine from Paso Robles, and chocolate chip mint ice cream from McConnell’s. (Is a pint too much for one person?)

 I will indulge on musical theater tickets. An occasional spa day with a girl friend. Popcorn at the movies (with butter). A beach day with a historical novel is divine. Expensive jeans, but only because they fit amazing, not because of a designer label. Every summer I pay an exorbitant amount in shipping to have blue claw crabs shipped from Maryland. (I almost didn’t put the blue claws in the indulgent category because they really are a must.)

 I love to travel and can be spontaneous (ask me the story about moving to Santa Barbara) and adventurous. I’ve photographed wild gorillas in Rwanda. Twice. I was in Egypt a week after the revolution in March 2011. Long Beach Island on the Jersey shore is still my favorite beach destination. I live 5 minutes from the beach in Santa Barbara but will still fly across the country to vacation at the Surf City Hotel.

You might say I’m a Jersey girl living and loving life on the left coast. I love to be surrounded by beauty, nature, and fabulous weather. But I’ll always love the pulse and the grit of the city, and look forward to my trips to Philly and NYC every year.

 I’m delighted to have fabulous clients. I was recently told by one of my bride’s that she thought I was “The perfect combination of girlfriend and mother. Nurturing, engaging, inspirational, and funny.” I loved that!

My style of photography has been described as classic, contemporary, expressive, romantic, timeless, storytelling, fresh, and vibrant. I love that too!

Your Style and your story are unique. I’d love to hear it. Please call me at 805-563-5050.

Preferred Photographer: 

I’m honored and delighted to be listed as a preferred photographer at the following Santa Barbara Venues; San Ysidro Ranch, Four Seasons Biltmore, El Encanto, Montecito Country Club, Fess Parker Doubletree Resort Hotel, Firestone Winery, and the Channel Cat.