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Personal tidbits and photos that are dear to me.

It’s not a Photograph until it’s Printed.

It’s hard for me to picture life without printed photographs and albums. I’m sentimental about my family and friends, and curious about family that came before me. I believe that the loves in my life, are the art of my life. The people I am most fond of move and inspire me. I like to […]

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Heirloom Quality Classic Wedding Albums

I wish someone would invent the “scratch and sniff” computer. More and more, couples are booking my photography services online. I’m complimented by that, but I wish there was a way they could reach into their computer screens and feel the fine fabrics between their fingertips. If only you could touch the natural grain and […]

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Reflecting with Gratitude~2013

Thank you. It’s the end of the year. Time for me to organize and get ready for the New Year. In doing so I came across a pile of thank you notes I’d received throughout the year. I was so busy working this year, that when I received a thank you note, I quickly read […]

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Dreams really do come true.

When my daughter Dana was a little girl she loved to play dress up. She’d sing and twirl for hours. She was just a little peanut when the Little Mermaid came out on video, yet she memorized every  line of every character, every song. It was cute and entertaining to watch her. Could her father […]

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Stop and smell the Roses

Always take time for the beauty in life. It’s all around you. Sometimes it demands your attention.  Like this lovely rose. Alone in a sea of green and purple, it seemed to be demanding me to enjoy it. So I did. I hope you do to. Have a wonderful weekend.

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My daughter’s Santa Barbara Wedding.

I have never felt so loved by friends and associates as I was the day I announced my daughter’s engagement. Almost instantly I was offered the talent and skill of many of my friends in the events business in Santa Barbara. I was secretly hoping of course, that one or two might offer to help. […]

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